Plugin: Zunestats

I have completed my second wordpress plugin 😀

This one is a Zune widget which basically enables the user to display their basic zune stats i.e. Top artists, fav tracks and recently played tracks

Download Link

**** Things to do ****
Allow user to choose amount to display rather than static to 5

Link to album/artist page

5 replies on “Plugin: Zunestats

  • Bradford

    Great plugin, I wish there were more people integrating zune social stuff into other sites – and I wish MS would open a real API.

    It works fine on 2.7, however your PHP references a zs.css which doesn’t exist. Maybe this will help it look better?


  • S

    I was able to get Zune Stats to work with the latest Word Press application, but only “Recently Played” and “Most Played Artists” is populated with data — “Recent Favourites” is not being populated with data. Could the name for “Recent Favourites” have changed in the Zune API or Zune XML file? I have limited programming knowledge, but is there a quick fix I can make manually myself to get the data to populate for “Recent Favourites”?


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