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HTC Desire extended battery 3200 3000 2400 mAh 1

Bought me an extended battery for my HTC Desire

So I thought I’d take a look at some extended batteries for my HTC Desire. The Desire battery life isn’t exactly great, but I can comfortably say it does a lot better than the majority of today’s smartphone,...


HTC Underwhelming

Each year when my phone contract is due to run out, I usually have my next phone planned and ready to order, and 99% of the time that phone comes from HTC, merely because...

T-Mobile G1 – Sold Out in Hours 1

T-Mobile G1 – Sold Out in Hours

I currently own the HTC Tytn II with a T-Mobile contract that finished in August and knowing that there was 3 possible phones that where soon-to-be-released I decided to not renew my contract (upgrade)...