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I think I tore a ligament in my knee. 0

I think I tore a ligament in my knee.

So on Sunday’s I’m usually playing football, our team was invited to a mini-tournament on 3G grass (Artificial grass) which on any other day wouldn’t bother me. My Adidas F50 boots are usually fine...

Gym Progress: July (Body transformation) 0

Gym Progress: July (Body transformation)

Should have posted this a while ago to be honest (considering it is now August) , ah well, better late than never. Its time to start making some serious weight gains now, im back...

Gym log: Progress 0

Gym log: Progress

First time I’ve been back in the gym since I had a car crash enroute to the gym and it feels good. The after pain is pretty epic at the moment, you know what...


Gym Log: January Week 3

Good week, had less shakes but I made up the difference with FULL regular healthy meals. I’m now up to 81.90kg.