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Note to self: Youtube ID from regex PHP snippet

April 5th, 2016



WordPress myth #1

February 23rd, 2016


“WordPress??” “I’m quite certain thats just a blogging tool”

I’ve heard various versions of this line from potential clients all too often. WordPress, the simple blogging software. It is this stigma that WordPress has been unable to fully shake off for a long time since the explosion of Web 2.0, at some point in time if you wanted start a blog the big players in the game was and some would argue still is WordPress and Blogger(Blogspot). What the majority didn’t know was that WordPress is a full Content Management System (CMS) that is very good at being used just as a blog.

1 in every 4 websites you visit is probably and most likely powered by WordPress, yes, 25% of the World Wide Web is being powered by WordPress. All the websites on my portfolio are built using WordPress as the CMS and none of them are blogs.

A WordPress site can be a small portfolio website all the way up to full e-commerce shop hosting thousands of products.


Modifying existing WordPress post types / Removing Add New post button

November 20th, 2015


I hit an issue with an existing event plugin on a client’s website that created a post type but didn’t distinguish “edit posts” and “create new post” capabilities


This is the original capability mapping of the post type “event”,  you will notice create_posts and edit_posts are mapped to the same custom user role.

9/10 times this good enough for most use cases, I managed to come across that rare scenario were i needed to separate the two capabilities.

So how do you modify the custom roles of an existing post type? It ended up being relatively simple.