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Oneplus One invites 0

Oneplus One invites

I have some invites available that are about to expire in the next few days. Drop me a line if you are ready to buy it this weekend.    

S Health PIN glitch 0

S Health PIN glitch

The S Health app on the Samsung Galaxy S4 seems to have problem when it comes to entering a PIN, there is no where to actually submit/login afterwords. I double checked this by clearing...

Got my Samsung Galaxy S4 0

Got my Samsung Galaxy S4

24 Hours verdict – Love it. I’m not going to ramble on about how its the KingBossCapoGod of all Android phones, however I will post up random findings that havent already seen around the...

My Top 10 Android Apps 0

My Top 10 Android Apps

I’ve had the T-Mobile G1 for a couple of months now and like most users,  i’ve have heavily customized the phone to suit my fingerprint. However there’s always them few programs that become a...