Hi, my name is…

It’s 3am and it hit me that I’ve badly neglected this blog the last couple of years but I’ve strangely enough kept WordPress up to date at the minimum in the hope that one day that something would spark in me that says, it’s time…

Clearly this never happened

So anyway, I’ve had shit building up in my head the last few weeks, some good, some bad, you know the usual life stuff. I’ve been constantly thinking I need a new outlet because I’m starting to over think things recently and it’s been eating me off this chest and I need to rest again peacefully. I am acutely aware of the current social media climate, that’s its not the platform I want to be venting on freely. This things I want to say cannot be condense into 140 characters, and if it could then its not worthy of my energy. So I’ve turned to my long time trusted setup, the first domain and website I ever bought zMastaa.com. Hopefully it helps in itself to relieve all this tension by dispensing these sentences for myself validate myself and return to peace.

I’m gonna abruptly stop now because I’m now thinking of what to write next but that would defeat the fucking purpose of this blog. Good night.

P.s. If swearing offends you, congratulations on reaching this far

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