Lawn Restoration // Moss and debris removal

This post is a little late, but I thought for the sake of a timeline, I may as well show any potential visitor the progress.

In my last post, I wasn’t sure what would be next, after seeking out some advice apparently I’d cut the grass too short, causing “scalps” but the people that told me this were under the impression that I wanted to use the current unknown type of grass as the lawn. So it wasn’t exactly a bad thing. Another experience

Another experience gardener then gave me some key advice and said i shouldn’t waste money on a scarifier, the stage I’m at required some serious heavy raking of dead grass, moss and any other debris that is sitting on top of what looked like decent soil. He also advised that I go ahead and rejuvenate the soil using top soil and level out the whole area. This was in line to what i was already thinking I was just being lazy at the thought of raking a 100m2 of garden.

Anyway, with a decent spell of dry weather, I spent a weekend getting as much of the top as I could and removing a load of stone and rock that was at the surface of the soil or what I could feel through raking.



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