Lawn Repair // Second Cut

I’ve now cut it down to the level I’d ultimately want the lawn to be when it’s completely repaired and greened. There’s still a lot of dead grass and moss so I’m not too sure what’s the next step. Moss Kill and a lawn feed solution or go in for the kill and purchase a scarifier to remove the dead stuff by force. I haven’t taken any pictures of the front garden but it pretty much looks the same as this, murky green topped with moss and dead grass.

Lawn repair, first cut IMG_6874 IMG_6877

Overall I have a really good feeling about this, though, I’ve done a ton of window shopping for garden products and I’ve got myself a bit over excited at the prospects. My plan at the moment is to have the whole rear section bordered off and I will use that as a plant growing area, ive chosen that area mainly because its a perfect view from the living room and patio doors also I would want to put some garden lighting in there and think it will wok really well.


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