The Rat Race

You get a little bit of education, you find a life partner, you buy a piece of land that you proudly tie to your name, create a family. You’ve made it. Right.

But why? Why have they programmed the majority of us that this is the ultimate path to glory. For a long time I was once on this track and so set in this way that I failed to notice that there is much more to this game than this linear goal of life accomplishment. I’ve witnessed people I care about do great things, things that my own circumstances haven’t allowed me to come close to, i’m overjoyed for them all, but each and everyone is in a comparable situation that primarily screams to me that we are all still in a rat race.

Don’t take this little piece out of context, anyone that knows me personally will know i’m immensely proud of the great things my peers are doing around me, I hold a high opinion of the company I keep.

This year I’ve witnessed in various ways people disappointed that they are not further along in the Rat Race; they haven’t got enough savings; they haven’t found “the one”; there career hasn’t kicked off as they’d hoped. I see and hear these conversations and think to myself, why the long face, if one was to remove themselves from that ideology they would soon realise the obvious, your options to further yourself are wide and open. You’re free to fail.

I would/should write more on this, however i’m not even sure anybody is listening so for now I will stop here.

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