What are the actual benefits of raving?

Don’t get me wrong, I go clubbing and I am one to bask in the hype of raving (see my instagram or snapchats). But let’s be honest here the actual benefits apart from the obvious goal of meeting someone for a night of pleasure, the whole process is merely to remind people that you’re still alive. You could spin it and say its an epic social networking event, but I’ve personally never heard of such stories and should only really make sense if you’re student looking to meet new people.

I’m beginning to reach that stage where I’m more interested in having socials at a bar, even a bar that eventually turns into a club scene, meaning leaving at 12-1am wont feel so early.

However, I’m not completely there yet, I’m still enjoying the hype. I’m just putting my thoughts in writing while I eat at Chunkz. I’m finished.


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