Throwback Thursday: Subway

I started working at Subway when I was 17 and left at 20 (I know…. I look younger, I was probably even 18/19 in this picture). This place taught me a lot of basic professional and simple life skills, and I’m not referring to making sandwiches, the experience made me appreciate the working life and what it entailed. It also financed many other things that most people wouldn’t have done using their own income till much later i.e. owning a car, managing credit cards etc.

Subway Piccadilly Manchester

Good times


I learned how to manage relationships with colleagues of all backgrounds. The majority of the people I worked with I became good friends with and those that I didn’t we still had good mutual respect, I don’t think I’d have stayed so long if didn’t. Being comfortable with your colleagues is one of the keys to enjoying work or else the working environment will soon become a depressing place to be.

Night shifts 6pm-1am on weekdays, 6pm-7am Friday and Saturday. The actual work I enjoyed to be honest, it wasn’t really work to me after a while haha, just something that had to be done. It was others that reminded me that it was supposed to be work by making comments about over-working etc. I was in college Tues-friday 9-5 and doing 30-40hour weeks in Subway like it was nothing all because I counted every freaking hour as £££. I thought I was living life haha.

So those that wonder why I apparently never sleep, now you know. Its a standard thing for me to be working on a project to 3am and still make the office for 9.30am


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