First post of the year! New direction

I’ve been neglecting this blog for too long! In the physical sense that is, however – though not so useful – I have frequently had amazing ideas of things to write on here during the course of some highly creative days.

Seeing as its a new year I may aswell use this opportunity to start genuinely blogging the random thoughts that blow up in my head, or the (programming lingo) PHP scripts/snippets that i feel proud enough to show the world.

This blog has a very small following (if any) so a lot of the posts will be extra extra extra casual, forget the nonsense of trying to write in an impressing blogging style, I’m not here to impress anyone, this is just me and my thoughts and this is how I will portray them in writing, comprendais?

Because of this I will more likely be posting small little 200 word post a lot more than the fancied 500 postings that i use to feel was adequate for a blog.


That is all. For now.

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