GTA V: Making money on the LCN Stock Exchange

GTA VGTA V’s stock exchange feature is looking like a great fun way to make money quick, the easiest ways to manipulate it so far are as follows:

Note: Both tips require atleast TWO companies that are rivals.

  1. Invest in one of the automobile firms, then cruise around destroying your rivals’ cars. The end result will see sale of your cars go up and your stocks rise.
  2. Create a news worthy event such as shoot down a plane owned by “Company A”, watch the stock price go into free-fall, purchase that stock and then shoot down the planes of “Rival Company B” and watch “Company A” stock price rise.
  3. When performing Lester’s assassination missions, listen closely to who to invest in BEFORE (or straight after passing the mission if you cant access your moible) the assisination. This method is a guaranteed 25-40% profit, I tend to invest every last cent of the character but if you want to make REAL money then do this method towards the end of story when you have millions in the bank.

If you know of any more, add your comment

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