I think I tore a ligament in my knee.

So on Sunday’s I’m usually playing football, our team was invited to a mini-tournament on 3G grass (Artificial grass) which on any other day wouldn’t bother me. My Adidas F50 boots are usually fine on 3G grass but when we got there the grass looked a helluva lot thicker than your average, it was all downhill from there.

We watched two 40 minute games and our first game finally came around. Unfortunately 2 minutes into it I run back to perform some defensive duties and as I’m following an opponent on the ball he turned direction and of course I do the same thing, but my left boot with all my weight on it gets stuck in the 3G grass meanwhile the rest of my body is turning right. So obviously my knee twists and as I fall to the ground I hear a tearing sound coming from my knee and BOOM the EPIC pain kicked in.

Luckily? a friend had done a lot worse a while ago and happened to have a knee brace with him but enough time had passed for him to not be solely dependent on it. So I borrowed it for the day.

Borrowed Knee brace

Borrowed Knee brace

 Then I bought my own.

Knee Brace

My Knee Brace

I’m going to the hospital on Saturday morning as early as possible to get confirmation. Though for now the knee brace makes life 10x easier, I can drive and walk (limp) with little pain.

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