BarclayCard PayTag, what they don’t want us to do?

I’m all for NFC enabled payments, be it mobile or credit card and BarclayCard are clearly leadng the way with multiple options for NFC payments.

They recently launched the Barclaycard Paytag, basically an NFC enabled card a third of the size of a normal credit/debit card which they then want the user to “stick” to the back of ones phone. Perfect for mobile phones that don’t have built-in NFC chips basically 95% of all consumer mobiles.
I can see the benefits for BarclayCard as a company, imagine having 10 million people with this stuck to the back of their phone, its free mass advertising and a great way to increase the BarclayCard brand. However when my PayTag comes, I will be sticking on the INSIDE of the back cover of my phone, this way it will be a lot more discreet than Barclay’s idea of exposing the card to the general public. I see no benefit of having the card exposed, all NFC readers in shops will still comfortable be able to read the card on the inside of the back cover, and having a sticker with access to my money freely hanging of the back of a mobile phone is something a lot of people will struggle to cope with surely.

I feel that Barclay’s this time cared less about their customer and more about its own profits on this one, unless i’m wrong, I don’t see anywhere in their marketing of the Paytag advising the user that he or she can in fact have the sticker on the inside of the phones back cover rather than the outer shell.

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