Blackberry Bold 9900/9930 not turning on? Flashing red light?

Did you wake up this morning to a Blackberry that doesn’t to turn on, and just has a flashing RED light?

Your Blackberry is Fubar

Your Blackberry is Fubar

Your phone sir/madam, is dead.

This is becoming a widespread problem for us early adopters for RIM’s new flagship device. The best part is, RIM don’t seem interested in acknowledging that there is a clear hardware (or software?) problem.

I upgraded to my 9900 on the 3th October, it died on 24th October, thats exactly 3 weeks, how long did yours last?

No matter what attempt you try.

  1. Another battery will not fix your phone.
  2. You cant re-install the OS using Device Manager.
  3. BBSak will NOT fix it.
  4. Attempting to recover your blackberry via the loader /nojvm won’t work neither.

In simple terms your blackberry has a bug and needs replacing, until someone in among the blackberry community can figure out something RIM doesn’t want to.

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