Blackberry Bold 9900/9930 not turning on? Flashing red light?


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  • Dwane Wilters

    5 Weeks now its dead, so long Bold 9900

  • Have you tried plugging it into different battery sources? Maybe the outlet you are using isn’t strong enough.  I thought that was the case with my Bold as well, but when I plugged it into my computer’s high powered USB port, it gave me the desperately-need-to-charge screen

    • Thats a different issue Suzanne, this problem is a internal hardware/software problem with a large amount bold 99xx’s just do a quick google search for “bricked bold 9900” 

  • Yep dead. Have they still not figured out how to fix it? ugggggh

  • ashkelon recardo

    wtf is this bb company needs to fix my shit i paid 500 for a peace of shit that dont even work!

  • 5 Weeks and mine died also!

  • Anonymous

    Any updates for a fix ?

  • Ali

    6 weeks and my 9900 is dead… woke up this mroning to a FUBAR ….
    what a piece of shit… I’m going back to iPhone/Android … this crap is totally embrassing… its 2012 and there are bricked phones after 1 months of regular use with no “moding” or anything?
    That’s just helorious… never buy a bb EVER AGAIN in your life… unless you like unwelcome surprises.

    • jim Frazer

      You may have banged it, and the internal connection came loose. Take it apart, and join the 2 connections together. You will be good to go in a jiffy.

  • Two fucking weeks and it is dead, and in my country I paid twice the money -.-

    • Daniestar Daniels

       bro u beta go for an andriod fone.its d bomb

    • jim Frazer

      Watch your tongue

  • Bought mine on the last week of Dec, died just now. This is one fckd up shit, if you ask me. 😐

    • jim Frazer

      Where you learn to speak like that? Parents?

  • There is only one solution, you will lose all your data, but you will recover your phone. Connect your phone to your PC, run Blackberry Desktop Software, and update your phone version, it will fix it.

    • Daniestar Daniels

       it doesnt work i hav tried it

    • This dosnt work man!…v tried that so time without numbers and nofink came up cos the DM dd not recognized my device…i tried to uninstall my DM and re installed it back same fink…its really hurts  mehnnnn… 

  • Phillip Davis

    Woohooo mine came yesterday woke up this morning and boom dead!

  • Daniestar Daniels

    any solution for the bb9900/9930,dead not coming up  i have over 30 of them at my work place.somebody help me out

    • jim Frazer

      Which place do you work for?
      I can send someone over there to have a look.

  • ive just solved one and can sure fix a hundred [ceo device care]abuja nigeria .e mail me at or check me on face book ive got proofs its beyond desktop manager but still a software problem

  • Same here after few days of using the device we left it charge then we notice that it only just flashing red light. Too bad we cant send it back to store or anything because we only won it from a facebook promo 🙁

  • But this is not nice….i just wasted mA FUCKN money on this bullshit called BB9900 was chargn it and woke up in the morning noticed that it hanged and i tried to remove the batt and inserted it back and only if it gon turn-on now that am typing…a day to Valentine’s day….what would you think my gf gon  be think?….Stepped on shit*….you guyz need to find solution to this before you loose all your damm customers….Mind you pple R enjoying Iphone while you giving us this shit man….iont wanna know WHAT ever RIM is, i FUCK IT ALL…..HELLBULLY

  • mines dead to…..charged it..put it in my pocket……chilled and then when i took it out….bammm red light flashing….

  • Gunjan

    i wake up in the morning and my blackberry curve is turning on……..:( i bought it 2months back 🙁 what to do?

  • jim Frazer

    Mine has been amazing. Our company has close to 3,000 Bold 9900 devices … and not one has a single problem. We are getting new Q10 and Z10 phones in the coming months. Everyone is so excited !!

  • christ

    My blackberry 9900 bold5 is not pwoering on

  • Baird Chatterley

    oh my God i just bought mine ..what can i do so i wont have any problem with it but why cant it get fix ?

    • zMastaa

      @bairdchatterley:disqus Im sure the problem will have been fixed by now lol this was over 2 years ago

  • KristelPippi

    Damn, not what I wanted to hear at all… I was having an issue where the phone would shut off on its own and get stuck in a boot loop until I plugged it in to the charger or USB cable. Suddenly yesterday my phone shut off and refused to come back, started flashing the red light 4 times, one long flash and three short flashes. Dead.

  • Nnanna Amanze

    pls is there any solution for the same 9900 red unfinished booting.

  • mine also does the same

  • Yesterday i upgrated my BlackBerry Bold 9900 and its dead after 2 days 🙁 ….. only red light blinking…. can anyone help me to restore it…

    • zMastaa

      Hi @disqus_sHMoVNlNxE:disqus ive since left the blackberry scene so im not up to date with any tools available to fix it