Windows 8 Shortcuts and Mouse/Touch Gestures

I will add windows METRO STYLE ONLY shortcuts here as I discover them

WinKey + C = Quick Start menu (Very useful)

WinKey + D = Go to Desktop

WinKey + F = File Search

WinKey + I = Preferences/Settings for currently displayed app, ALSO has useful Quck Menu

WinKey + W = Go Directly to settings

WinKey + Y = Preview Desktop

WinKey + Z = Show hidden menu (In Internet Explorer 10 this also shows all open tabs)


Typing in Metro mode will automatically begin an app search

Moving the mouse to the left end of the screen will preview the next open app, to choose a different app click/hold, pull out to right a little and return to edge then back out again to scroll through open apps all while holding the mouse down.

To load two applications side to side, select the app you want to load then drag it to the right edge of the screen and release.

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