Bought me an extended battery for my HTC Desire

So I thought I’d take a look at some extended batteries for my HTC Desire. The Desire battery life isn’t exactly great, but I can comfortably say it does a lot better than the majority of today’s smartphone, however they still dont compare to the 2000’s when a phone would comfortably last 2/3 days on normal usage (Nokia 3310 anyone?).

Anyways, on Friday I ordered this from eBay, and it arrived on Monday

2400mAh Power with Replacement Back Cover

Basically the original battery rating is 1400 mAh for the Desire, and my general understanding without getting all technical is that if i scrape a days usage out of a 1400 mAh battery, then if I was to get a 3200 mAh I should theoretically get over 2 days usage, right? Juicy.

Well, apparently the guys on the XDA Forums have managed 3-4 days out of it. So I looked on ebay, and the only good looking UK seller had 2400 mAh with proper labels and warranty, so to stay as safe as possible I got that one, which should still easily get me well over a day or so of usage.

HTC Desire extended battery 3200 3000 2400 mAh

Taken with a Blackberry Curve 8900, apoligies for the blurry cam

I will write a proper review of it after about a week of full usage (next Monday?) but on first use, I must say I am very impressed, no overheating at all and CLEAR difference in battery strength.
Last night (about 1am) I drained the battery down to 26%,  the next late afternoon (today around 3:30pm) the battery was fully depleted, after continuous use of Spotify, a bit of browsing and a couple of phone calls, mad right?

Also to top it of I have over-clocked the CPU to 1.2ghz max and min 384ghz, and it still managed an easy full day of heavy usage.

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