Day 15: So far….

I re-joined the gym on the 9th January, and on the 10th I took it upon myself to “get hench or die tryin'” lol so they say. Ive spent the last 5 nights (seriously…..LATE Nights/early mornings check the logs) in the gym.

I’m also logging all my happenings using JeFit on my HTC Desire. Up until today i’ve been using Body Fortress – Muscle & Weight Gainer, Chocolate Flavour NOT the SUPER version. Any how, I will be purchasing a new shake and its looking like it will be another Body Fortress product.

Im 90% sure i will be buying the following:

Body Fortress Precision Engineered – Xtreme Gainer – 47gs of protein per intake
Body Fortress Precision Engineered – Creatine Capsules (700mg) – 240 Capsules
this time i will make the switch to Strawberry flavour, I enjoyed chocolate but I cant take too much at one time, so 1 litre of chocolate shake a day can become tedious at the least.
Also, this is a sick inspirational video, I know its a bit gimmicky but damn I hope I can create a similar video in that amount of time.

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