My 2011 Tasks/resolutions

😀 Hope everyone had a great 2010! Well the time has come for the cliche of new year’s resolutions to be created and executed.

So far my resolutions are as follows:

  • Gain weight/muscle
  • I will be doing a daily picture to keep a journal of results and what foods I ate each day, with the help of myfitnesspal
    Each week I will post my current weight, and discuss how this can be improved.
    I am also undecided on how often i will post the pictures, maybe monthly/weekly/fortnight?

  • Follow a proper Bible plan
  • will assist me with this

  • Increase my professional portfolio
  • Basically ONLY get jobs that are relevant to my career plan

  • A post a day MINIMUM
  • I will be posting each day to this blog indefinitely :D, at least something about what was eaten that day and what I read in the Good book too.

I am sure to think new ones before the clock hits 12, so I will most likely be updating this blog post.

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