Facebook virus JS.Obfuscated.Gen?

Today i was browsing facebook and G-Data Anti-virus 2011 notified me saying it has blocked facebook from loading due to a virus on the website.


Im hoping this is a false positive

Name : Trojan:JS/Obfuscated.Gen
Detection Names : JS.Obfuscated.Gen
Category: Malware
Type: Trojan
Platform: JS


Trojan:JS/Obfuscated.Gen is a Generic Detection that identifies malicious HTML, Javascripts, PDF, or any scripting files that contain obfuscated code, which may be used by malware authors to evade antivirus signature detection, as well as making malicious scripts harder discover and analyze.

3 replies on “Facebook virus JS.Obfuscated.Gen?

  • Charmaine Jensen-Voisine

    I got the exact same virus when I was surfing on FB this evening just after 9pm this evening.

    At this moment I am using another virus software that I downloaded from the net to see if it will delete this sucker!!! grrrr

    I am so fed up with FB and their viruses attacking my computer..


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