Wayne Rooney transfers to Manchester City

A true Manchester United fan such as myself will know that ths is the nightmare of all nightmares.

10 years ago you would never have imagined Manchester United to be a debt ridden team and their local fierce rivals Manchester City will be the richest club in the world. Well guess what, it has happened, and we are in a very unfortunate position. Even if the Glazer debt was/is a temporary stage, it has come at the wrong time. It has come at a time when we NEED to compete in the marketing or it will have an adverse effect on what is happening on the pitch. We don’t have young stars like we used to and the old ones we do have, well, you can your own judgement on that.

Rooney moves to Manchester City

The Nightmare

The whol Wayne Rooney saga can go only 2 ways, he gets over this blip and realises he loves the Red Devils (Coleen Rooney wants to stay in Manchester too) or he digs an even deeper whole for himself and we sell him off while his value is still slightly high, I say slightly because the Cristiano Ronaldo transfer has automatically made every other transfer pretty dam small.

I also think that this saga is going to push Sir Alex Ferguson into retirement 1 season earlier.

P.S. I got very lazy with the AIG Logo

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