Use jQuery to display number of rows in a mysql database on a form

Im currently writing a search engine that uses a couple of jQuery UI autocompletes and comboboxes, and to spice things up a bit I thought I would add some kind of live updating script that shows the user how many results will be returned, depending on the current search settings BEFORE actually pressing submit/search

i.e.  the Autotrader car search does this pretty dam nicely.

This is my translation of this effect with jQuery and PHP/mysql

Note: This tutorial assumes you already have a form with jQuery auto-completes etc all with element id’s attached

First lets start of with the javascript that will be send the data to an external php file

function numRows() {

var querydb = $("formid").serialize();


url: "checkNumRow.php",

dataType: "text",

data: querydb,

success: function(result){





The jQuery script is now ready to send a query to the php file checkNumRows.php whenever the function numRows() is called, it will also return the data to any tag named #results.

So now you want the function numRows() to be called whenever the user changes data on the unfinished form, simply add the following at the end of your javascript file

$(":checkbox, :radio").click(numRows);



// I used focusout as well as blur because blur doesn't seem to 
// work well with auto complete input boxes


Now that the javascript is ready you need to create a php file called checkNumRows.php and insert the following code below and populate it with your own code to search your database

Build your mysql search string using $_POST[""]
above this so hat you end up with something along the 
lines of
$results = mysql_query($sql);
$numrows = mysql_num_rows($results);
if ($numrows=="1"){
// You can echo "insert html code here" to create something more complex
//  like the autotrader display
echo  $numrows . " result found";
} else {
echo  $numrows . " results matching the search criteria";

Now that is done your php file should be able to display the number of rows in your database depending on whatever your $_POST (the names of your form elements on your form) requests are.
For example a black three door car search might look like this
and should return something similar to
200 results matching the search criteria

Now this is done, back on the page with your form you just add this 1 line to display live results

Feel free to ask questions, I will provide as much help as possible

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