Find out who deleted you off their facebook friend list

For the last couple of months I’ve always been intrigued into why my facebook friend count NEVER stays the same over a period of 24 hours, that is no exaggeration.

At 1pm it will be 1095, by 6pm it will be 1099 then at 12 midnight it will be 1093, this without adding any new friends or manually removing anyone. It got to me so much I thought this would be my perrfect “first” application to create using the facebook toolkit


Well let me cut to the chase, the application works like this

  1. First time the user logs onto the app, it will take a snapshot of the users current friend list.
  2. Second time the user logs onto the app, it will compare the current friend list with the previous snap shot, at this point the user will be given the option to “save” the friend list to create a new snap shot, or leave the old snap shot intact.
  3. If the user has indeed been deleted by someone, the application will provide a link to the profile of the user, if the link fails and redirects to the facebook homepage then the user actually de-activated their account.


Try for yourself here

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2 Responses

  1. Fran says:

    The link just takes me to the facebook homepage 🙁
    My friend told me about this website that does the same thing

    its working great for me so far 🙂


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