2009 Q3-Q4 – The Possibilities

So you may know im startin uni this September (finally…i know) and I will be studying web development of course but it has come to my attention that i have 1 month or more precisly 25 days of freedom until; 2009 Q3-Q4 begins.

Heres when you say. What? What does that mean?

Well the turn of Q3-Q4 is mark of a special season, no not winter sir, its the season of a whole load of new game releases! and these are the ones i look forward to the most.

  • Fifa 10 – Xbox 360
  • Forza Motorsport 3 – Xbox 360(Oh Gosh!!!)
  • Assasins Creed II – Xbox 360 (Altho the 1st one was very repetitive the excitment factor lasted a good 2 months atleast)
  • Call Of Duty MW: 2 – Xbox 360
  • EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis – Xbox 360 – Could be interesting
  • FOOTBALL MANAGER 2010 – PC – It hasnt been announced BUT WE KNOW ITS COMING!
  • APB (All Points Bulletin) – PC – This is hopefully out in January and its my 2nd most anticipated game, 1st being football manager of course

Or I could be a good boy, rarely play games and get my head down to studying? Whatdoyathink?

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