The trade people, the lost souls, and the gossip folks

So, this may be the 1st of many of Eugenes random rants about random crap in life lol

Right so imma give you a scenario for you to imagine yourself to be in, and I want to know what your opinion is on this

So youve been a member of community for almost two years, and it has become a normal part of your life, youve met new friends within this community and people linked to the commmunity, we will call it Group A

Then you have your normal standard people, the ones you call you friends from day 1 or atleast they know you as YOU,….. not as a member of somethin, the ones who know you enough for you to do something and not see it as strange or weird because well…….its you and they know you…………
That is Group B, note some of group B friends are also part of Group A but, you class them as a Group B

As much as you like your Group A, you have to tone down yourself to a level that is “acceptable” within the Group A community, you know, nothing like Group B where you can be yourself and express yourself freely without a backlash

So you have been doin this for as long as you have been a member of Group A comunnity and its all been bliss

Well one day I did something, something that i do every now and again, that both Group A and Group B people can see freely what i have done, but this time, the nature f what i did seemed to obviously offend/bother Group A, it took about 4-5 days for it to come to my attention.

How it came to my attention is the issue
It came to my attention when a dominant figure within Group A who doesnt have direct view (meaning that figure was told by another group A member(s) who do have direct view of what i had done) comes to ask me about why i did what i did.

Now picture yourself in a position where your questioned about something you thought was “normal/standard” and u have no reply because you just realised that Group A has no idea who you really are.
How would you feel, what would you do?

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