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Modifying existing WordPress post types / Removing Add New post button

November 20th, 2015


I hit an issue with an existing event plugin on a client’s website that created a post type but didn’t distinguish “edit posts” and “create new post” capabilities


This is the original capability mapping of the post type “event”,  you will notice create_posts and edit_posts are mapped to the same custom user role.

9/10 times this good enough for most use cases, I managed to come across that rare scenario were i needed to separate the two capabilities.

So how do you modify the custom roles of an existing post type? It ended up being relatively simple.

Stay clear of Hunts Motorcycles Manchester

October 29th, 2015


So I had an issue with my Honda which I bought from Honda Wigan who I can safely say was a great experience and I would fully recommend them to anybody in the North West area. Back to my point, I live in Central Manchester and my actual nearest Honda dealership is Hunts Motorcycles and I made my decision not to use Hunts because of two reasons, a quick Google search of Hunts Motorcycles brings up a ton of reviews about riders receiving appalling customer service and because Honda Wigan offered to fund my motorcycle license fees.

Now, for real back to the point, my bike had a mechanical break down and knowing I had warranty on the bike I thought let me give my closest/local Honda a call and this is where Hunts Motorcycles comes into play, I get put through to the servicing department and I explain whats happened, bearing in mind i’m almost 20 miles away from home at work stuck with a motorbike in the office car park that is unsafe to ride home in the night in its current state. The immediate response from the Hunts representative a series of one-line answers and a tone of voice in line with someone that doesn’t give a crap about my custom, all in all it was borderline insulting and most definitely rude. After 2 minute conversation I was told I should call the Honda dealership i bought the bike from, now how does that make sense? Im calling you asking to sort out servicing and repair and you’re sending me away, okay.

I called Honda Wigan and immediately you can tell there is a difference of tone and care before the situation has been explained, and once explained the dealership organised a roadside pickup and offered to leave the garage open till my bike was delivered to them as it was already 4pm at this point and they closed at 6pm. Now THATS customer service with a care.

Advanced Custom Fields: update_field not working?

October 21st, 2015


It does work.

If you’re building a wordpress function that programmatically creates or updates posts while using update_field() you may notice that to retrieve that data elsewhere using the get_fields() function it turns up a blank.

For example when you do this

Sun of a Beach

July 30th, 2015


That beach life, short animated movie by MOPA


Sun of a Beach from Sun of a Beach – le film on Vimeo.

Here comes the sun !

Sun of a Beach, directed by Alexandre Rey, Arnaud Crillon, Valentin Gasarian et Jinfeng Lin, is a 2013 short animated film from Supinfocom Arles (now MOPA)

Original soundtrack : Thomas Blanc

Sortez la crème solaire, le soleil arrive !

Sun of a Beach est un court métrage d’animation réalisé à Supinfocom Arles (devenu MOPA) en 2013 par Alexandre Rey, Arnaud Crillon, Valentin Gasarian et Jinfeng Lin.

Musique originale : Thomas Blanc

2de Prix – PANAMANIM 2013
Best Comedy Award – VIEW festival 2014
International Student Film Special Mention – Kuandu International Animation Festival


Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival 2015
9h Tehran International Animation Festival
9th edition of Anim’est International Animation Film Festival
BISFF Young Animation filmmaker 2015
Effets Stars 2014
Festival National du film d’animation à Bruz 2014
Fantasia Festival 2014
18th Environmental Film Festival Cinemambiente

Making of :