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When you look at your old code….

January 7th, 2015

That feeling you get when you go back and look at your old work and think, what the **** was i doing? I don’t know if i was on some special kind of medicine when i originally wrote this function, but damn its fugly.

Replaced with

A simple call to convert a integer status to a human readable string and a younger me manage to botch it up

Back to work

January 5th, 2015

It’s been a fun winter break, however, i’ve had just enough time off to actually begin to “miss” the office. Yes, I¬†enjoy what I do lol so quite rightly I should be allowed to hungry to get back at it.

This will also be the start of a new workout programme, 4.5 day workout, the .5 being a cardio / rest day




New Year Statement

January 3rd, 2015

Another year another theme, I may not have posted last year about this but I’ve become accustomed to setting my own personal themes for new years.

2011 #projectGHDT, #projectMalia
2012 #projectGHDT, #projectNapa
2013 #projectGHDT, #projectCornrows, #protectEnjoy
2014 #project2014, #projectCancun



This was me reinventing my personal image, anyone who knows me pre2014 will know that I wasn’t the kind of guy that gave much thought into dress codes or style on a regular day. I was known to be everyday casual, club night: casual, social events: casual, house party: casual, church: casual. I don’t mean smart casual too, I mean casual, on occasion jogging bottoms casual (if my girlfriend at the time wasn’t around to police me into shape) but mainly jeans and t-shirts. 2014 put an end to all of that, and paved the way for the new image casual was kept indoors and smart-casual / smart for public events. Go through my year in photos on Facebook or instagram barring a few BBQ’s in summer majority of my tagged pictures were smart attire.IMG_20141227_173932



Speaks for itself, this was a subcategory of #projectGHDT


This year’s “#project”

I’ve had a good idea already of this year’s plan, basically…….

  • #project2015
  • #projectCasualties
  • #project100
  • #projectBlog
  • #projectFlight

This is my settled overall theme of the year



Carry over the personal image upgrade and improve it, keep my overall image on point, from my hair to my cars hygiene.



I’m forced to grind some relationships to halt, not out of spite but because of time, the concept of time is money is now definitely real.



Quite simple, put 100% in all tasks that I commit too. The idea of doing something half heartily and knowing I could have done better is the last thing I want to be doing to myself this year.



I tried a little last year but failed overall, I realise I’m failing because I’m not measuring, I’m the kind of person that works on stats to help with my motivation levels. To do this I’m setting a goal of 120 minimum blog posts by December 31st, that accounts for 1/3 of the whole year something that I feel is very achievable, sizeable but achievable.



Staying within my means I intend on doing multiple weekend getaways. Simple.


Whats happened to #projectGHDT

That’s just part of my everyday lifestyle now,there is no longer a need to label it a project